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Nurses are "Earthly" Angels
Dear Christy,
My name is Helen Young and I live in Jellico, Tennessee.  I was browsing different web-sites regarding angels when I ran across yours regarding nurses being angels.  I am 100% in agreeance with you regarding nurses being earthly angels.  They touch so many lives with there medical assistance, tender loving care and there spirits.  On January 02, 2003, my mother passed away loosing her three year battle with cancer.  The summer of 1999 my mother called me explaining to me that she was bleeding profusely as if she had just had a baby.  She had been post menopause around 14 years. I work at the local community hospital, where I have worked for the last 17 years.  I took her to see a family physician that deals with high risk pregnancy and female menstrual disorders.  After his examination he explained to us that we were dealing with cervical cancer, it was invasive and had already metastasize to the rectum area.  He set us up with a gynecologist/oncologist at the University of Tennessee.  This physician was truly a wonderful expert in his field, and also a Christian man.  Everything he recommended to my mother she tried, she so desperately wanted to live and overcome cancer.  She was 62 years old, with no major health problems.  She had been the rock and strength of our family for so many years.  My father passed away when I was a teenager (17).  She had three grand children at the time of her death that she loved greatly.  June 2002, she attempted a second surgery which would allow her to be cancer free.  They attempted to remove the tumor that was discovered growing in her pelvic area.  Unfortunately the surgery was not a success and she was given approximately six months to live.  Her health slowly deteriated and in August 2002, I had dropped down to a PRN status at the hospital and moved in with my mother to assist with her care.  December 2002, she was admitted at the University of Tennessee Hospital with renal failure.  The day after her admission they were going to insert a catheter through her back and into her kidneys in an attempt to open up her kidneys.  She was a full code at her own choose.  She wanted everything done except to be placed on a ventilator.  Sometimes when things happen we do not understand why, but God has a purpose.